Water Evaporation

Minetek® wastewater evaporation system is known as the “low cost water reduction system.” Thanks to our innovative technology and commitment to cost-effective solutions, the capital costs for this enhanced wastewater evaporation system represents typically 15% of the capital cost of comparative mine water treatment systems of equal capacity.

This technology also equates to approximately 20% of the operating cost of water treatment plants. With no chemicals required, low maintenance and the ability to process all types of water, it is the smartest solution available.


The Evolution of Evaporation Systems

Learn more about wastewater evaporation and the technology behind our state-of-the-art wastewater evaporator. A global leader in the industry, Minetek continues to develop mine water treatment systems that are protecting the bottom lines of mining operations worldwide:

Water Evaporation

The Ideal Solution

Innovation and a commitment to providing every customer with the ideal solution to their mine water treatment requirements has put Minetek in a leadership position that has spanned the globe for over three decades. Contact our professional team of engineers and project managers for more information about all of our dewatering services, electrocoagulation technology, highly advanced wastewater evaporators and water transfer systems.
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