Minetek® has been servicing a wide range of industries across the globe for over 30 years. Our key to success is a commitment to innovation and customised solutions that represent a deeper understanding of our clients’ unique needs.

Our engineering and consulting teams work with clients from conception to implementation and beyond in order to ensure that the best solution is provided and every detail is expertly managed. Our extensive experience, industry expertise and innovative use of technology allow us to design and engineer incredibly complex dust control solutions and wastewater evaporator systems using the latest advances in technology that are effective even in the harshest of conditions.

Your Industry Experts

Whether you are operating a complex mining site or an oil & gas operation that requires cost-effective, technologically advanced wastewater treatment to protect your most important assets, Minetek is your industry expert:

  • Mining – Minetek is experienced in providing turnkey water evaporation technologies, engineering and consulting services for highly effective mine water management in any environment.
  • Oil and Gas – For more than three decades our safe and reliable technologies, systems and solutions have been servicing the oil & gas industry with effective water management systems.

Safety, Productivity, Profitability

Speak with Minetek today to learn more about the services that can transform your site into a safe, productive and profitable operation. With a team of industry-leading experts and innovative technology, we deliver a tailor made solution with the results you want.
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