Dust Control

Minetek® personnel have over 30 years of experience successfully designing and implementing dust control systems that are effective in collecting and suppressing the dust, soil and contaminants that can be harmful to your employees and residents living close to operating sites. Breathing certain particles can be harmful, making it essential to have a stringent system of control in place at all times.

Dust ControlMinetek collaborates with larger international specialists to successfully coordinate multiple supply and installation teams and execute projects on time and on budget. To learn more about our capabilities and different dust control solutions, including dust extraction systems, visit the following pages:

Customised Solutions across Industries

Minetek has designed and implemented highly efficient systems that protect your employees and your equipment while helping you maintain a safe and productive mining operation. We provide customised dust control systems for all facets of mining and industry, in areas such as but not limited to the following:

  • Plant operations
  • Stock pile control
  • Blast plume control
  • Road dust control
  • Machine operation dust control
  • Dragline dust control
  • Collection points
  • Hoppers
  • Open cut pit operations
  • Spoil dumps
  • Demolition
  • Reclamation areas

Developing Effective Solutions

For more information about our dust control solutions, including dust extraction systems, get in touch with the team at Minetek directly. Our longstanding experience in developing effective solutions for mining and industry have given us incredible insight into the needs of our diverse customers.
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