Consulting Services

From the outset of any project, Minetek’s® highly experienced solution consultants will examine all aspects of your situation in the finest detail to assess the ways in which your problem, environment and technology are affecting your operations. Before drawing any conclusions on how your project should be carried forward they examine your situation, probe efficiency and energy levels, listen to the individual stakeholders and analyse your environment.

Consulting ServicesOnly then do they sit down with the designers and project team to plan the absolute optimum solution for you. With Minetek’s vast experience in wastewater evaporation and dust control solutions, we can provide a system specifically designed to meet your unique site requirements for a more efficient and productive operation.

Managing Your Site’s Requirements

Minetek delivers comprehensive consulting services to provide your site with industry-leading technology, equipment and process solutions:

Delivering Results

Contact a Minetek company representative today for more information on our consulting services. Our in depth analysis of your mining or oil & gas operation will determine your unique requirements and our wastewater evaporation and dust control solutions will deliver measurable results.
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